About Fulfillment Group

Our team at Fulfillment Group puts every market within reach with a network of fulfillment partners who support your international expansion.

Where We Started

After witnessing the challenges associated with building a global fulfillment network, our team of logistics experts was inspired to make a difference. From there, we enlisted the help of leading developers and SaaS experts to found Fulfillment Group. Centered on transparency and direct supply chain relationships, we leverage our robust platform to revolutionize how brands approach their global expansion.

Committed to Our Mission

We take a brand-first approach to business, incorporating new and innovative technologies to streamline your global expansion efforts. Our mission is to simplify the global expansion process for clients by providing the tools and connections necessary for accelerated growth.

United by our vision

We envision a future where reaching global markets is as intuitive as expanding domestically. That’s why we enable our clients with the technologies and partnership network they need to transform aspirations into action. We ensure the viability of our vision through three key principles:

Tech Enablement

Providing intuitive features that add tangible value to your efforts, supporting more informed decision-making without requiring extensive IT know-how.

Uninhibited Flexibility
Offering multiple options both on our platform and through our network, supporting the ERPs, sales channels, and fulfillment partners of your choosing.
Trusted partnerships
Hand-selecting our warehouse and distribution partners with an emphasis on timeliness, scalability, cost-effectiveness, and above all else, quality.


Meet our leadership team

Kasper Hansen

COO & Co-Founder


Ben Jones

CCO and Co-Founder


Jonas Miclea



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