About us

We are a multicultural team of forward-thinking professionals with many years of experience in the B2B & B2C logistics industry. Our focus is to help our clients expand into new consumer markets and reach new customers in a simple and seamless way. From global to local brands, our clients have chosen to work with us because of the reduced complexity, low costs and minimum risk we are able to provide.
Our values underpin everything we do and how we interact with our clients. That way you know what to expect when you engage with us and you can be sure from the beginning that we are a partner to your business, not a vendor.
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Our simple solutions are designed with transparency in mind, to provide our customers with peace of mind when choosing us as their next eCommerce Logistics partner.


Are services are built to adapt to the constantly changing nature of global eCommerce Logistics and consumer behaviour.

Simplified solutions to connect you to global consumers

We understand your customers, where they buy and how to reach them. With this in mind we have reduced the complexity of putting your products in the hands of consumers around the world.

Enable your brand to expand across international borders via a single point of contact across multiple cross-border lanes. Returns don't have to be complex.

Our technology simplifies international shipping. Cross-border shipping and tracking tools help to speed up delivery time and customs clearance, while maintaining compliance with trade regulations.
Fulfillment Group offers state of the art management and monitoring of shipping until delivery. And with access to a wide range of shipping services at the time of checkout, your customers will be delighted, every single time.
Fulfillment Group’s shipping management solutions enable you to provide you with a range of customised shipping services including postal, standard courier and express options. With our courier integrations you have full visibility of tracking events from warehouse to consumer.

Returns Management

We offer multiple returns options, including domestic and international returns locations which simplify the process and make life easier for your customers – to drive additional sales and improve the consumer experience.
Fulfillment Group makes it easy to handle and manage your customers’ returns by providing several tools and services to ease the transaction. With flexible options to match your return policy, our warehouses can receive, process, and restock the items into your inventory.
Connect all your sales channels to our centralised platform. Our plug and play integrations allow you to seamlessly connect your online stores and marketplaces all over the world. In addition, our API allows for a seamless flow of information between us and your existing ERP software. All of your B2B and B2C orders are managed from one single cloud-based platform.

Through one single unified cloud platform, connect to multiple international marketplaces, manage your listings, pricing and promotions. All from one centralized inventory management tool. With over 30 eCommerce sites and marketplaces globally, enabling you to quickly and easily expand your sales and reach new consumers. Unified order management captures every order, regardless of how it is placed.

Sync your stock with us to have full control of inventory across all sales channels and within multiple warehouses all over the world. Whether the warehouses is under your own control or managed by Fulfillment Group.
Our cloud-based platform, supported by our global warehouses, offers real-time visibility and inventory analytics you can access from the web or phone. You will always have a clear view of your multi-channel sales whether it involves B2B or B2C fulfillment. We have you covered whether it involves final mile delivery to eCommerce customers or bulk shipping to stores and retailers.

Fulfillment Group's flexible storage solutions scale up as you grow and shrink as demand cycles change. Additionally our pick and pack services adapt to the unique demands of your business during peak times.

Our inventory management solution gives your eCommerce business accurate, real-time inventory data across thousands of SKUs that helps you maximise sales and minimise inventory holding costs.
Our Plug & Play platform provides real-time feedback, accurate inventory management, intelligent data reporting and seamless integrations with all major eCommerce providers, online marketplaces and shipping carriers.

Fulfillment Group is a logistics and technology business that focuses on creating cost effective and innovative solutions for eCommerce businesses.

Our unique approach to eCommerce logistics ensures our clients get a flexible and agile approach to delivering solutions that suit their current and emerging eCommerce challenges.

We are the central hub through which all of your inventory and order data flows. Our state of the art platform and integrations are customised to ensure your eCommerce business succeeds and grows. Our custom integrations can help power your eCommerce business to produce a unified growth solution. The Fulfillment Group technology integration provides you with the needed connectivity between all parts of the chain. From your own eCommerce, WMS, Retail and Accounting systems, to our WMS as well as 3rd party systems.

We give you real-time visibility and insights into your eCommerce inventory operations. It provides you with real-time window into daily order and inventory operations in the warehouse. Accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We make it easy to reach your consumers!