About Fulfillment Group

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What We Do

Fulfillment Groups Helps Logistics Service Providers

We help Logistics Service Providers, freight forwarders, transport and warehouse operators develop
e-commerce fulfillment solutions for their clients.

White Label Cloud

Our white label cloud platform integrates with any warehouse operation (WMS), Customer ERPs, online sales channels and freight management system.

Expert IT Support

We provide expert IT advise to and services to closely support successful integration of the platform and clients that are being onboarded onto the platform.

Global Fulfillment

If required, you have access to a global network of warehouse independent operations that can be leveraged to provide physical B2B and B2C fulfillment services.

Who We Are

Fulfillment Group was founded on a partnership between supply chain executives and supply chain software developers. Combined, we have years of experience in developing supply chain business & software development solutions with both blue-chip and start-up organizations.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Ben Jones

Director of Business Development
Co-founder with 10 years of experience in freight forwarding, last mile delivery and setting up of e-commerce fulfillment hubs in Asia Pacific, Europe and North America.

Max Chen

IT Development Partner
Architect of the Fulfillment Group Platform software. More than a decade of experience in programming an developing supply chain connectivity software delivering visibility and functionalities to LSPs and their customers.

Kasper Hansen

Director of Strategy & Partnerships
Also a co-founder, Kasper has 14 years experience in International supply chain from Far East, Europe and North America. Passionate about developing sustainable partnerships that delivers value to joint customers